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Performance comparisons in the printing of polymer film material

by:SYJ     2020-11-01

polyester film ( PET) By excellent insulation, static electricity in the printing process is very simple attack and difficult to see, serious film adsorption occurs on the roller and not for printing, so when high speed printing, it is necessary to set up static elimination equipment. Polyester film ( PET) The monotony of temperature can be set too high, but it don't overstep the surface temperature of 850 c. Winding, thin film should be cooled sufficiently, make its down to room temperature, to prevent ink adhesion. Polypropylene film ( PP) Transparency, heat resistance and print operation is better than that of polyethylene film ( PE) , its printing ink adhesion is poor, for surface treatment before printing need to improve the ink adhesion, surface treatment of the critical surface tension control in the 40 - It is advisable to 44 mn/m. BOPP film tensile deformation is small, not prone to wrinkle, print good operation, good transparency and gloss, resistance to wet, but heat sealing, tear resistance is poor; CPP film heat sealing property is good, but when the printing easy to tensile deformation, so the tension control values than BOPP is low, can make candy paper, composite materials, heat sealing layer; Confucianism, P film tensile deformation and heat sealing between BOPP film and CPP film, good transparency and gloss, but the thickness uniformity than BOPP and CPP poor. Suitable for positive print, can make the packaging of textiles. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film ( PVC) Transparency, shine and good printing eligibility, printing before generally do not need for surface treatment, the printing ink adhesion is very good, its shortcoming is the difference in heat resistance, cold resistance, toxic, make food packaging should pay attention to its safety and health. According to the plasticizer dosage, PVC film can be divided into - hard, semi-hard and soft three categories, its function is slightly different. Soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film is rich in many of the plasticizer, the plasticizer will be separated into the ink layer, the onset of discoloration, adhesion and ink moving shortcomings, and very simple tensile deformation, folds, cause misregister, so the appropriate tension control light. In addition more elongation after it is heated, to print operation difficult. When satisfied with thin, soft PVC film is very good self-adhesive, commonly used in fruit and vegetable packaging. Summarized consider salt package on the tensile strength, moisture resistance, heat sealing and resistance; Of strength need to CPP and HDPE as packing lining is better, it has good heat sealing, and can supply satisfactory strength and moisture resistance. Is used as the outer membrane, strength, moisture resistance and low elongation of PLT and 0 pp is better, considering the offer elements, PVC is also available in the outer membrane membrane packing.

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