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PET can make light beer

by:SYJ     2020-10-25

PET X-ray application is very extensive, in life because of PET sheet quality is stable, oxygen waterproof ability is better, non-toxic tasteless, and room temperature are often used as food packaging bags. So, beer bottle PET sheet can do?

PET X-ray quality is stable, the most high temperature of 70 ℃, the temperature range is enough for a beer.

PET X-ray avirulent insipidity, safety and health can be used in food packaging. The quality of PET sheet production bottle is light, transportation is very convenient for production, consumers carry very convenient also. PET sheet plastic plasticity, can produce all kinds of style, capacity, the shape of the bottle. At the same time, the plastic bottle safety is better than that of glass bottles. A second process printing and can manufacture special shape of PET sheet bottle for the quality of the wine add image, enhance brand awareness.

but PET X-ray also exist some shortcomings, for example, made of PET sheet after lose a certain amount of carbon dioxide, canned beer bottle for uv protection function also is not very high, this situation will appear in beer daylight. And organic synthesis material would inevitably exist very small amount of organic matter, will contact with the beer for a long time into the wine. PET sheet sterilization problem is also a big problem, because the PET sheet heat goes bad, so can't take the pasteurization.

with PET are made of light beer is a good idea, but the corresponding sterilization and label need to get ready for work, at the same time the PET plastic bottles can not insolate at high temperature, easy to produce harmful substances, it needs very attention in transportation and storage.

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