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PET clear the five application fields of the X-ray

by:SYJ     2020-10-26

the application of PET transparent light has a very wide range, but a lot of people might not notice these types of plastic products and the difference in the life. Understanding the nature of the PET sheet and other plastic products and use is very helpful.

PET sheet has five big application field, then let small make up to you sense is introduced.

PET transparent light can be used in all kinds of food and drug packaging materials, PET sheet itself is nontoxic, at room temperature will not release harmful substances, and the ductility of beautiful is it as the basis of packaging. At the same time, the surface of PET sheet can be printed pattern, decorative packaging external or help distinguish the items in the package.

secondly, textiles, electrical components of packaging materials, PET sheet can effectively cut off water and oxygen, won't make these elements damage internal content.

PET sheet can be the basis of video, video tapes, film.

a fourth application for PET sheet is electrical insulating materials, capacitor film, flexible printed circuit boards, membrane switch, etc.

in the end, the PET sheet can also use the early mechanical field.

the above are all PET transparent light can make ground. If you think these domains or some strange, small make up also want to introduce you to a PET sheet in the life the important application of pyrograph on clothes. Many clothing are like plastic decorative pattern, especially in the summer of t-shirts, many styles of chest have a big a pyrograph, this is the use of PET sheet. It seems very practical PET transparent light?

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