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PET double layer silicone protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-18

PET double-layer silicone protective film

It is made of transparent PET as the base material, single-sided and double-sided coated with self-absorption organic chemical silicone water, and is made of release film . There are a variety of colors and viscosities to choose from.

Characteristics of PET double-layer silicone protective film

1. The surface is smooth and clean, and it has the function of fully automatic suction and exhaust bubbles, and the absorption performance is basically unchanged after pasting;

2, easy to stick and peel off, high temperature without glue residue, stable stickiness;

3, high-transparent materials to ensure high-definition picture quality;

4. Produced in a dust-free workshop, coated in a dust-free workshop, with high cleanliness and high-quality appearance;

The main purpose of the double-layer silicone protective film

1, the shipping surface Protection;

2. It can be used as a support medium for die-cutting of different thin and thick foams;

3. Surface protective film for the production of mobile phone lenses, polarizers, and LCD optical mirrors, LCD display panel, protection of touch screen manufacturing process, temporary medium after photoelectric materials are formed;

4. Temporary transfer of electronic equipment and immobilization;

5, Surface protection during the whole process of commodity transportation;

6. Die-cutting media, reposting and waste disposal of various plastic films and tapes;

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