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PET film mark the disinfection shelf life - PET film

by:SYJ     2020-11-01

a professional company who dine out of the laminate suit after disinfection heat shrinkable film is very understand, but due to the lack of relevant professional standards makes heat shrinkable film disinfection company for a long time. The municipal government departments concerned found in the special view for small and medium-sized restaurant clean, heat shrinkable film is alexipharmic ark can be evaded in the medium and small restaurants all over the existing questions. Relevant view of relevant controller introduces, disinfection cabinet though with some restaurant eating food, but because of the damage can't use already, proper number restaurant disinfection cabinet just elaborate arrangement of view. Use consistent cleaning disinfection disinfection company heat shrinkable film, restaurant operators can not only save a part of the artificial, water, etc. , also added to public collection using disinfection charging projects of heat shrinkable film. The current restaurant use disinfection chopsticks in charge 1 - to consumers 2 yuan, businesses usually monthly which can increase the income of one thousand yuan of above, causing more and more small and medium-sized restaurant pick charge disinfection heat shrinkable film. So, has given rise to some of the heat shrinkable film disinfection black workshop to accumulate, unqualified to stores supply clean disinfection heat shrinkable film, heat shrinkable film disinfection disinfection quality, meet professional standards question cannot be ignored. Heat shrinkable film disinfection factories use the detergents and disinfectants used must fit national hygienic standards; Should choose cleaning and disinfection equipment, cleaning temperature is not lower than 85 ℃; Commodity packaging should be designed in between, should have independent packing, after disinfection of heat shrinkable film should choose heat shrinkable film mechanical encapsulation, should choose packaging machine chopsticks, avoid foreign bodies into the goods; In the heat shrinkable film independent packing label produce heat shrinkable film cleaning disinfection company name, address, phone number, date and shelf-life disinfection, etc. After disinfection of heat shrinkable film sensation should reach the light clean, no oil, no stain, no smell, no foreign body, and register in the special turnover box; Transport vehicles should be sealed, can not and poisonous and harmful goods mixed, mix, shipping has disinfection before the heat shrinkable film, should the vehicles for cleaning and sanitation.

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