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PET film market demand

by:SYJ     2020-10-24

PET film is used polyester ( PET) The bidirectional tensile technique skills made into a film. PET film roll is used polyester fiber in the category, type of staples, currently they first refers to the polyester family of polymer made of polyethylene terephthalate film way, the English abbreviation is BOPET,. With polyester (for the product first PET) Slices as the raw material, after biaxial stretching the output of a functional excellent high-grade plastic film, bright degree is high, non-toxic tasteless, good tensile strength, stiffness and resistance to fire crack, is not easy to damage, electrical and optical function good, oxygen resistance and good resistance to wet, cold, -70℃) , heat resistant, 200℃) And resistance to chemical attack and shorten the same excellent characteristics and so on. The primary product is used for electrical, insulation, packaging containers, magnet, film, like tape, floppy disk, film, video, and entertainment software, its use is widespread, such as hot stamping film, aluminum plating film, printing film, packaging film, packaging materials, composite materials, laser anti-counterfeit trademarks, paper, electricity to snuff out edge plastic and condenser, etc. In our country, most of PET film roll used for food packaging and electronic components, optical components, capacitors, etc. , are also used to have one's voice recorded tapes, such as accounting machine records with magnetic materials. Along with the our country people's consumption level of career progress gradually and food and medical industries decrees set up sound, PET film roll in our country has a large market potential, and continue to increase at an annual rate of more than 10%. The polyester in China ( BOPET) Uniform film consumption level for 108 g/person, Japan uniform for 2600 g/person, global uniformity of 245 g/person. Per capita consumption level to reach the global per capita, BOPET film market demand should be reached 33. 6 - More than 350000 tons/year.

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