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Pet film market prospect is broad

by:SYJ     2020-10-20

according to relevant materials, the current need to rise trend, most need is because smartphones for stocks move rapidly, and in part to print company needs.

plastic color printing profession develop quickly, now appeared of relevant materials, also to follow China describes the manufacture of its 2002 level of high-speed multi-color gravure printer has approached the international level, the production of vacuum aluminum plating machine level and keep moving forward, the market is also very good, also the year sales volume in 100 sets, annual imports all kinds of plastic color printer more than 50 sets of high speed aluminum plating machine also has more than 30 sets, you need to add plastic film of 120000 tons, also is need new PET film roll production tons at least a year. ( For other film also account for part of) With the further development of China's economy, people's living standards further advance and development of northwest China will to supply PET film career development with an excellent chance. Added to the WTO on food packaging to keep up with the international level, will add quantity of PET film. American PET film consumption exceeded 380000 tons in 2000, and forecast will also SanDe percentage to add, add rate evenly in the PET film add rate is about five percent, is in the recording, video on the use of lower, but in the packaging and other professional to add more than the uniform growth. China PET career development and market needs not harmonious, the need of scratch-resistant flowers film market is gradually rise, add and add PET career is exponentially, and single species, Share the kinds of PE film packaging film in Japan accounted for twenty-five percent of the total, and also forward spinning is given priority to; Magnetic material accounts for twenty-eight percent of the total, is also the emperor and toray is given priority to; Other industrial use accounted for forty-seven percent of the total also mitsubishi company) Let's domestic firms are reluctant to pay the development of new products, the vicious competition occurs offered, offer to shake, customer heavy discounting, until the anti-dumping export price is too low, the company benefit is sharply reduced. In order to get out of the predicament, it is necessary for every company on the basis of itself of the upper hand and features added to produce categories, advance level goods, together with the users to develop new products, expand the use of the PET film field go the way of product differentiation, forward profit ability, through the general film of excess.

with the expansion of the smartphone market, trust requirements will add steadily, and market prospect is broad.

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