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PET film packaging technology and new applications

by:SYJ     2020-11-03
Produces the fruit of the skills and attributes to shorten film usually choose thick film extrusion blow molding or extrusion LiuYanFa output, then above the softening temperature, melt temperature, the following a high elastic state under the temperature of the longitudinal and transverse tensile, perhaps only in one direction stretch orientation, and the other one direction not stretching, the former is called biaxial stretching shortening the membrane, while the latter is called a one-way membrane. When used in greater than the tensile temperature or temperature close to the tensile force is reliable to shorten the packaged goods to live.

shorten packing has the following benefits:

1) Appearance is beautiful, close to the goods, so also called packaging, suitable for all kinds of different shape of commodity packaging; 2) Good protective, if wrap to shorten the inner packing with combined transport packaging of hanging on the outer packing, can have very good protection; 3) Good cleaning, especially suitable for precision instruments, high-tech electronic components packaging; 4) Good economy; 5) Burglar, a variety of foods can shorten membrane with a large package together, avoid to throw away; 6) Good stability, commodity will not mess in packaging film; 7) Good transparency, customers can directly see the goods.

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