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PET film plastic packaging industry development direction in the first place

by:SYJ     2020-10-20

PET film roll plastic packaging industry's first open direction:

world plastic packaging products development present situation in the following several characteristics: new polyester film packaging is more a way; The new degradable plastics was attention; Foamed plastics to zero pollution. At that time, the plastic packaging industry first in the following direction: 1, high separation, function more PET film roll technical level enhances unceasingly. Its RuanSu packaging materials has become a popular domestic in recent years, with high resistance and permeability, utility cling film, quickly sterile packaging film, etc. With bag making, printing on a new step, has gone into the era of colorful transformation, promote the RuanSu packaging products to more depth and a higher level. p /> 2, the spread of multi-layer co-extrusion technology, changes in the functional thin films and containers of goods layout. Following calls the rising environmental protection, under the premise that meet the packaging function, try to reduce waste in the attack. Co-extrusion packaging film, its process equipment investment province, low production cost, strong adaptability, operation lunch, there is no pollution of the environment question. Co-extrusion technology spread quickly in the world, therefore, data indicate that the developed countries co-extrusion packaging film accounted for about 40% of all RuanSu packaging film, while China is only at around 6%, significantly both scale is not very reasonable. Co-extrusion packaging film, will change much function film of goods distribution, it is suitable for drinks, milk, fresh meat and other food packaging. 3, film market prospects for the packaging for fruits and vegetables. China is the world's fruit and vegetable production and selling power, but about 30% of water in the process of storage, transport, sale was lost, which is improper packing fruit pedantic to lose one of the reason. Despite the different physiological characteristics of fruit, but the water loss, color change, stale and pedantic is existence question together. Therefore, further study of the metabolic process of restraint, reduce the consumption of nutrients, fruit flavor quality is an important topic of the fresh-keeping packaging. At that time, the polyethylene film and polypropylene film is fresh fruit vegetables used most widely in packaging materials. , no matter choose which kind of plastic packaging to arrive at the need of green packaging, reduce the waste pollution; Disposal of solvent environmental questions; Recycling of questions. Meet the environmental needs, pollution-free, green packaging, will be more and more social attention. Therefore, we should vigorously expand the green packing, pays special attention to the packing work waste disposal and resource recycling, the end can continue to expand.

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