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PET film thickness testing methods

by:SYJ     2020-10-28

PET polyester film in today's microelectronic film, optical thin film and oxidation film, the giant magnetoresistance film, high temperature superconducting thin films, and other fields used more and more widely. Industrial use of PET polyester film, its thickness is a very important parameter, directly related to the film material can work normally. Such as large scale integrated circuit in the process of production of a variety of thin film, circuit integration degree unceasing enhancement, any minor changes to the film thickness, the direct impact of the function of the integrated circuit would attack. In addition, PET polyester film mechanical function, pervious to light function, magnetic, thermal conductivity, surface planning has close contact with the thickness. In our film thickness method for accurately measuring the burning need, accordingly, the onset of many scheme for measuring film thickness. In the usual need not very severe conditions generally use vernier caliper to test the thickness of PET film roll; And in situations where need high precision now choose optical method, it is relative to the other method is rapid, accurate and not damage film, etc. Throughout many popular classification method at that time, and according to the measuring method is based on the optical principle of classifying the most representative, can be divided into meddle, diffraction and transmission, the shoot, polarization, etc.

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