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Pet film wide prospect of market

by:SYJ     2020-10-20
Our company according to the relevant information, at present the showed a trend of rising demand, most of the demand because of fast development of smart phones are driven, and in part printing enterprise needs.

plastic color printing industry develops very fast, now accounts for relevant data show that in 2002 also come with China's own design and manufacture of high-speed multi-color gravure printing is close to the international level, the manufacturing level of the vacuum aluminum plating machine progress, also sell very well, also the year sales volume in 100 sets, annual imports all kinds of plastic color printing machine more than 50 sets of high speed aluminum plating machine has more than 30 sets of years need to be increased 120000 tons of plastic film, also is a year need to increase the production of PET film at least tons. ( For other film also account for part of) Along with the development of the further step of our country economy, people's living standards further progress and development of northwest China will provide good opportunities for development of PET film industry. In the WTO on food packaging to keep up with the world level, will increase the demand for PET film. American PET film roll consumption exceeded 380000 tons in 2000, and forecast will also SanDe percentage growth rate increases, the PET film evenly around five percent annual growth rate in the world, is in the recording, the application of the video, but in the packaging and other industries on the growth of more than a uniform. PET industry development in our country do not coordinate with the demand of the market, scratch-resistant flowers film market demand is rising gradually, and PET industry growth is multiplied, and varieties of a single, PE film varieties proportion is packaging film in Japan accounted for twenty-five percent of the total, but also mainly Oriental spinning; Magnetic material accounts for twenty-eight percent of the total, is also the emperor and toray is given priority to; Other industrial accounted for forty-seven percent of the total also mitsubishi, and other enterprises) Our domestic enterprises are reluctant to invest and develop new products, and produces a vicious price competition, price fluctuations, customer heavy discounting, low export prices until the anti-dumping, enterprise benefit is falling fast. For out of the woods as soon as possible, every enterprise must according to its own characteristics for the upper hand and increase product variety, progress products, together with the users to develop new products, enlarging the application scope of PET film the way of product differentiation, profits, to progress through ordinary film surplus.

with the expansion of the smartphone market, believe that demand for will increase steadily, and wide prospect of market.

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