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PET from type membrane of several purposes

by:SYJ     2020-10-21

with the rapid development of national economy, the PET from type membrane has been widely used in packaging, reflective material, waterproof material, medicine, Plaster paper) , toilet paper, pad printing, nameplate, membrane switch, flexible circuits, insulation products, circuit board, laser anti-counterfeiting laminating, electronic, sealing material with film, adhesive products, printing, screen printing, die cutting, stamping processing, and many other industries, has is closely related to our life. But because of its most of them are produced in the process of auxiliary materials, lead to a lot of friends don't know it, including many company procurement staff do not know their specific purposes. Below we from type membrane PET do a simple introduce and illustrate some of its applications to help you do a understand.

PET from type membrane based on PET film roll base material, coating a layer of mold release agent on the surface. According to the different into many types of mold release agent, common are: organic silicon mold release agent, mold release agent containing fluorine and silicon mold release agent. We choose high quality PET film base material, organic silicon from the PET controllable silicon content, from type membrane stripping force is adjustable, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, good stability. The main common use are:

1. When plastic molding have the effect of protection and isolation, make the products are easy to peel, and prevent products stuck on the mold making products surface uneven

2. Forming technology of conductive materials, used for mould for the isolation and

3. High glue on the back of the isolation layer, such as isolation layer of the foam tape

4. The intertwining of asphalt pipeline protection materials, used to prevent fouling and plugging pipe

5. All sticky resin material isolation membrane, when transported by viscosity resin to prevent resin and container bonding

6. Polymer materials in the process of forming soft mould

7. Used for multilayer circuit board manufacturing protective film

8. Plastic die cutting process

9. Prevent rubber product mutually adhesive protective film

10. The transfer of high intensity of pressure sensitive adhesive base material

with the development of technology and progress, PET mold the use of membrane are the development of the special performance also constantly improve the quality requirements, please contact your specific technology consulting.

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