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PET from type membrane, the typical thickness of PET film

by:SYJ     2020-10-28

PET film roll, PET release film is electronic, adhesive, die cutting, packaging industry such as the commonly used material, but because of different industries on the market for a variety of the thickness of the name is different also, unit difference also leads to a variety of specifications as easy to chaos. In this case will commonly PET film roll thickness. If you want to points clear thickness, first to understand the PET film, PET mold unit of the thickness of the membrane are commonly used. Long market commonly used units are as follows: 1 mm = 100 c ( Silk) =1000um。 In which c ( Silk) This unit is not the national standard, see more at hardware machinery industry. Are individual enterprises with 'a', 1 = 1 c. PET film thickness of the common has the following specifications: 0. 012毫米,0。 025mm,0. 036mm,0. 05mm,0. 075mm,0. 1毫米,0。 125毫米,0。 15mm,0. 175毫米,0。 188mm,0. 25mm。

the thickness of the PET from type membrane division is divided according to the thickness of PET film roll, so when you order or consulting must to common units also made clear that some companies accustomed to mm, some companies used to c, and there are measured in microns. The most common mistake is 0. 025 mm and 0. 25 mm mistake, 0. 025mm=2. 5c=25um 0. 25毫米= 25 c = 250。 Believes that many companies have encountered the situation, say 25 thickness and then received the samples with their far worse. This is actually a unit differences. Hope this article can help you avoid the above situation.

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