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Pet protective film characteristics and processing process

by:SYJ     2021-07-19

PET protective film is the most common protective film on the market at this stage. The material is hard and has good scratch resistance. In addition, because its long-term application is not easy to turn yellow like PVC materials, it is widely used in the commercial insurance of electronic products, automobiles, mobile phones and other industries. The PET protective film is non-toxic and harmless in the whole process of application. It is very environmentally sanitary and reliable. It can be immediately applied to the packaging of food, medicine and medical equipment. The PET protective film sterilizes the objects it packs. It can be purchased, utilized and incinerated without causing harmful substances that harm the natural environment.

1. Use a hollow blow molding machine or a casting machine to make the base material of the pet protective film

2. Carry out corona treatment on the surface of the base material to produce reflective functional groups , Produce a layer of very fine pits on the surface of the substrate to improve the adhesion of the substrate surface;

3, equipped with super glue;

4. The equipped superglue is applied to the surface of the manufactured substrate by a screen printing machine, and then air-dried;

5. The air-dried protective film is wound up and resolved;

6, The rolled protective film must be matured;

7. Carry out product segmentation according to the different requirements of customers.

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