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Pet protective film die-cutting punch type

by:SYJ     2021-07-18

As for the part of pet protective film die-cutting and punching, many people don't know what the process/process is. Some people may wonder why the material I rushed out was so wasteful and the working hours were so long. In fact, this is because the correct way has not been found. For example, I washed 6+5PU protective film and 6+2.5 silica gel protective film. Why is PU better and less wasteful? In fact, this is because of the difference between 5C base film and 25C base film. 5C base film can be used as a whole Broken, half-broken, or coiled material. The 25C base film is only suitable for complete breaking, unless the material punching machine is a round knife machine.

Another question is why the same 6+5PU protective film and silicone protective film punching sheet, why the PU material is less consumed and the working hours are short. Because the PU protective film is coated with antistatic agent, the material has antistatic function, and 6+5 silica gel is not antistatic, so it is easy to wear the material when finishing the sheet after punching out, and it is often necessary to clean up Material, which will waste a long time. Die-cutting to make coils, this is only suitable for 5C base film, the time for making coils is short and the loss is less. Therefore, it is a good choice to choose 6+5PU protective film for die cutting and punching.

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