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Pet protective film for orange peel

by:SYJ     2021-07-13

There is orange peel in the finished PET protective film. There are generally two reasons for this phenomenon: orange peel on the original PET film roll or orange peel after the silicone glue coated with the PET film roll dries. After checking the two levels here, the qualified rate of the second batch of coated PET film roll finished products increased.

1. PET protective film itself has product quality problems, which account for a very small proportion of good films. Generally, the probability of appearing at the end of a roll of film is the majority.

Solution: In the case of cutting the film, put a piece of white paper on the bottom of the film, and irradiate the film with a strong light source or sunlight. At this time, there will be no spots on the white paper. , You can use the old windshield with peace of mind. If there is an orange peel phenomenon, there will be very uneven lines on the white paper. At this time, you can see the film carefully with human eyes. The film with a lighter problem is recommended to use the windshield after the side window. .

The manufacturer of the pet protective film indicated that we are all honest and trustworthy distributors. If the a-regulated raw materials are returned, they can be refunded to carry out replacement and stocking to ensure after-sales service. , Absolutely not regardless.

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