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Pet protective film manufacturers describe the vacuum aluminum plating transfer process

by:SYJ     2021-07-15

The production process of vacuum aluminum plating mainly includes direct plating method and transfer method. The direct plating method is to pre-coat the surface of the paper to improve the gloss and smoothness of the paper surface, and then use a vacuum aluminizing machine to aluminize the paper. However, this method has high requirements on the paper and is only suitable for 40~120g Paper.

The transfer method is to first coat the roll-shaped polyester or polypropylene plastic film with aluminum, then transfer the aluminum film to the paper base through the adhesive, and finally peel off the plastic film . This process does not require high paper, and the peeled plastic film can also be reused. However, the old base film of recycled PET generally has problems such as static electricity, transfer residue, low surface tension value, etc., which will adversely affect the printing quality of subsequent products, affect the overall production efficiency, and greatly increase the cost. Therefore, when printing high-end tobacco and alcohol packaging, recycling PET The protective film is generally not used for cyclic aluminum plating.

The production process of directly hot-melt and pelletizing the recycled plastic film and re-blowing the film into PET and then vapor-depositing and vacuum aluminizing transfer paper

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