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PET release film

by:SYJ     2021-07-14

PET release film is also called PET silicone oil film, which is to coat a layer of silicone oil on the surface of the PET film roll to reduce the adhesion of the PET film roll surface and achieve a release effect. It can be divided into single-sided release film and double-sided release film. According to the release force, it can be divided into light release film, medium release film, and medium release film. The general thicknesses are: 0.012mm, 0.019mm, 0.025mm, 0.038mm, 0.05mm, 0.075mm, 0.1mm, 0.125mm ,0.188mm

The manufacturers of PET release film are equipped with large slitting and slicing machines, which can be rolled and sliced u200bu200baccording to your specifications. PET slip film is the surface of the PET film that feels a bit slippery to the touch. The surface is slippery because the surface is coated with a layer of silicone oil film. The PET slip film can also be called a PET silicone oil film. The silicone oil layer can have a release effect, so the PET slip film can also be called a PET release film. PET release film has been widely used in packaging, silk screen printing, pad printing, nameplates, membrane switches, flexible circuits, insulation products, circuit boards, laser anti-counterfeiting, laminating, electronics, sealing materials, reflective materials, waterproof materials, Pharmaceutical (plaster paper), sanitary paper, adhesive products, die-cutting and punching processing and other industries.

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