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PET sheet production factory the new application of PET sheet are introduced

by:SYJ     2020-10-28

at the time of our packing and shipping some big-ticket items, in order to prevent the container of paper were not strong enough, often with a few outside packing belt. And some large wooden packaging also need to add the packing belt such as fixed and convenient lift application. Now, this item has a new development, PET sheet packing belt, became the new attempt in the field of packing belt, and is also a new application of PET sheet.

why can produce PET sheet packing belt? PET sheet packing with what advantage?

first, PET sheet packing belt is strong, compared with easy to rusty metal packing tape has a longer service life and the basic characters of more stable, so the function is very strong.

second, toughness and strength of PET sheet packing belt itself is very good, in a fixed products at the same time also won't easily break has damaged products.

third, PET sheet packing with almost no potential safety hazard to the user, in comparison to the rusty metal packing tape is very safe.

in fact, PET sheet packing tape as a recyclable the use of new environmental protection material there have been many, is gradually instead of the traditional packing tape.

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