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PET sheet thick temperature control in how many degrees?

by:SYJ     2020-10-18

PET also called polyethylene terephthalate is a crystallization of polymer, the density of 1. 30 to 1. 38 g/cm, melting point is 255 ℃ ~ 260 ℃, with big strong toughness in thermoplastics, the film tensile strength can be comparable with aluminum foil, 9 times for polyethylene, 3 times of polycarbonate and nylon.

polyethylene terephthalate ethanol in relatively wide temperature range, maintain its excellent physical and mechanical performance, - 20? 吗? C~80? 吗? C temperature effect is small, use for a long time temperature can reach 120? 吗? C, can be in 150? 吗? C use for a period of time. The permeation rate of polyethylene terephthalate although than polyvinylidene chloride is big, but as a packaging material still belong to resistance became well. In 25 um thick film, in the air for 29 cm? 吗? /米? 吗? ? Mpa, carbon dioxide is 130 cm? 吗? /米? 吗? ? h? Mpa, low hygroscopicity, 25? 吗? C water for 1 week, moisture absorption rate & lt; 0. 6%, maintain dimensional stability.

polyethylene terephthalate ethanol at high temperature, and hydrogen fluoride acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid can make it by varying degrees of damage, such as the tensile strength decreased. Alkali especially under high temperature alkali, can make its surface hydrolysis, of which the effect of ammonia more drama. Ethyl acetate, butanone; Xylene, naphtha and ethylene glycol methyl ester, methanol, acetic acid, etc. , at room temperature or near the boiling point temperature is not subject to erosion, dissolved in adjacent - Chlorinated phenols, tetrachloroethane, cresol mixture or excessive nitrobenzene.

the performance of the polyester sheet series

polyester sheet series including PETG, APET, PCT, such as variety, was developed in the recent years and the development of new material products quickly.

polyester sheet with excellent comprehensive performance, high transparency, good strength, easy processing, and many other advantages. Due to good strength, the thickness of the same product, its protective effect is better than PVC sheet, if the same strength to compare, usable thinner polyester sheet, so, although the price of pet sheet weight is higher, but the actual cost is not big, more major is polyester sheet of transparent crystal increased the effect of packaging, packaging on a higher level. Again it is non-toxic, odourless, tasteless, conform to the hygiene requirements of food packaging, it has no PVC sheet burning reason when secondary environmental pollution problems, the PVC sheet to ban the use of on the disposable packing cases, can conform to the packaging application has higher strength sheet, is undoubtedly the pet sheet. Polyester sheet processing ( Blister or folding box) Convenient, ordinary vacuum molding machine can be normal processing, efficiency and PVC sheet, so the original production of PVC sheet blister products equipment without any modification.

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