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PET sheet thickness and the thickness of the die lip and the relationship between the three roller spacing

by:SYJ     2020-10-22

a PET sheet thickness and sheet forming die lip clearance and sheet, die lip clearance generally equal to or slightly less than the thickness of the plate or sheet, after extrusion swell, material required by traction to plate or sheet thickness, sheet or plate thickness and evenness, besides can adjust the mold temperature also can be adjusted through the mouth piece mold resistance, change the mouth mould width around the size of the resistance, which changes the flow and plate thickness. Plate or fine-tuning adjustable die lip clearance sheet thickness, thickness adjustment range is larger, should adjust the resistance adjusting block. In order to obtain uniform thickness plate, die lip clearance adjustment into the smaller, on both sides.

head die lip flow channel length is associated with the thickness of the plate or sheet, generally 20 - take the thickness of the plate 30 times.

b plate thickness and three roller spacing general adjustment to the roller spacing equal to or slightly greater than the plate thickness, main consideration heat shrinkable materials, three roller spacing along the direction of plate width should be adjust. In three roller spacing between still need to have a certain stock, or when the head discharging unevenness, can appear lack of material, the phenomenon such as large spot. Stock is not too much, too much stock will cold person strip plate to form a 'ribs' form stripes, affect the quality of products.

PET sheet thickness can also by the three-roll calender speed adjustment, plank draw ratio should not be too big, otherwise it will cause plank one-way orientation, the longitudinal tensile properties, transverse is reduced, the anisotropy of sheet forming, affects the quality of the plate, generally three roll speed control to the extrusion speed, slightly faster - 10% 25%.

speed traction's purpose is to make continuous cooling after plate out of the cooling roll, cut until a remained 'tension' status. If no tension when the cooling, plate deformation; Cutting without tension when the cutting is not neat, traction tension has close relationship with board performance. If the tension is too large, plate form the cold stretch, plank produce internal stress, impact performance; If the tension is too small, because the plate is not yet fully cooling, plate deformation, uneven, drawing speed and extrusion speed is equal basic, faster than linear speed of 5% 10%.

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