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PET used in biodegradable packaging bags

PET used in biodegradable packaging bags


With the enhancement of people' s environmental awareness, the use of plastic doggy bag is also required to be a biodegradable doggy bag. Generally speaking, biodegradable doggy bag is relatively environmentally friendly. So what material is this doggy bag made of?

Generally, there are three kinds of biodegradable packaging bags, which are respectively:

1. Microbial fermentation: Many microorganisms can take some organic compounds as carbon sources, and secrete polyester and glycan macromolecules through metabolism. These molecules are easy to be degraded and can be further recycled.


2. Chemical synthesis method: It simulates the structure of natural macromolecule. Starting from simple water molecules, active groups such as amide group, peptide group and ester group are attached to the polymer chain of plastic.


3. Natural polymer modification method: it takes starch, cellulose, chitin, lignin, seaweed and other natural polymers as raw materials, through chemical modification and copolymer method, these molecules are modified and biodegradable plastics are synthesized.


At present domestic for plastic packaging bag developed a new kind of biodegradable plastics, its composition is pva and starch add photosensitizer synthetic, polyvinyl alcohol was easier than polyethylene biodegradation, add photosensitizer can accelerate the degradation of plastic, by absorbing sunlight starch can promote the speed of biodegradable plastics in soils. Therefore, this new degradable plastic is easier to degrade than the previous kind, and its degradation of plastic components into simple molecular structures such as carbon and water, which is more environmentally friendly. In the future, biodegradable packaging bags will be more and more widely used.

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