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Phenomenon that often occurs with Pet protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-20

Rainbow pattern is a phenomenon frequently encountered in PET protective film materials today. Because the surface of PET protective film material has to be hardened to solve, the hardening is solved by high temperature, so there will be strips of colorful on the surface of the material Patterned crystal dots are also a common product quality problem for PET protective film materials. Crystal dots refer to the small pits and pits on the surface of the protective film material. Some people call them shining dots. Its key is common in the three-layer PET protective film material. The key incentive is that the silicon rubber is produced, and the silicon rubber has circulation. If the surface of the protective film material encounters some small particles extrusion molding, it will produce crystal points to prevent The best way to crystallize is to maintain the surface of the protective film!

Characteristics of PET protective film material:

The PET protective film material is completely transparent and has no color, and the surface has undergone hardening. According to Enjue protective film material limited liability The company produced materials. Generally, PET protective film materials vary according to their origin. The surface hardening value is between 3H-4H. The better the surface hardening, the stronger its wear resistance. Light transmittance is also a key characteristic of PET protective film materials. Generally, the light transmittance is above 90%, and the higher light transmittance not only makes us have a good visual impact when applying related equipment and equipment

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