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Plastic film classification

by:SYJ     2020-10-30

PVA coated high isolation film PVA coated high isolation film is will add nano inorganic PVA coated on polyethylene film and plastic film printing, composite, and the ratio of capital under the premise of progress in little ups and downs, the disposal of the current three layer PE co-extrusion skills bottleneck of poor packaging film isolation function. In 2008, cangzhou jinlong plastic co. , LTD. , scientific research personnel through three years of hard struggle, autonomous state, finally took the lead in the domestic will have national patent products, PVA coated membrane high isolated from milk exclusively to the mall. Over the past two years, the domestic some dairy processing companies in aseptic packaging of milk film because chose the company produces high isolation film, oxygen resistance rate is less than 2 / cm3 ( m2·24h·0. 1MPa) 。 Its isolation function not only significantly better than that of EVOH five layers co-extrusion film, packaging and capital also big ups and downs, this is not only guarantee the quality of is all packaging of aseptic packaging requirements, and the big ups and downs reduces the aseptic packaging of food processing company capital, the disposal of the current three layer PE co-extrusion skills bottleneck, poor packaging film isolation function can be used for packing beverage, fruit juice, milk, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. Two-way stretch polypropylene film ( BOPP) Two-way stretch polypropylene film is formed by polypropylene granules by co-extrusion sheets, then through vertical and horizontal directions made by stretching. Because tensile molecular orientation, so the film physical stability, mechanical strength, good air tightness, bright and high glossiness, tough wear-resisting, is currently the most widely used printing film, usually using the thickness of 20 ~ 40 microns, the most widely used for 20 microns. Two-way stretch polypropylene film first defect is poor heat sealing, so often used as the outer membrane of composite membrane, such as with polyethylene film composite after moisture resistance, clarity, strength, stiffness and print all the ambition, suitable for holding dry food. Because the two-way stretch for non-polar polypropylene film appearance, high crystallinity, appearance free energy is low, therefore, its print function is poorer, to the poor adhesion of inks and adhesives, disposal before printing and compound requirements in terms of appearance. Low density polyethylene film ( LDPE) Low density polyethylene film is usually made from blow molding and stretch film two technologies. Stretch film of polyethylene film thickness, but because the price is higher, the rarely used. Blow molding polyethylene film is made by blow molding grade PE particles by blow molding machine blowing, capital is low, so the most widely used. Low density polyethylene film is a kind of half bright and luster, texture is soft film, has excellent chemical stability, heat sealing, water resistance and moisture resistance and freeze resistance, can be boiled. The first flaw is poorly insulated for oxygen, used in the inner membrane of composite flexible packaging materials, and is currently the most widely used dosage is one of the biggest plastic packaging film, more than about 40% of plastic packaging film consumption. Because polyethylene molecules that do not contain polar groups and high crystallinity, surface free energy is low, therefore, the film print function is poor, the poor adhesion of inks and adhesives, so before printing and compound requirements in terms of appearance. Polyester film ( PET) Polyester film is based on polyethylene terephthalate material, selects out the legal system into thick slices, then through two-way stretch film material. It is a colorless, bright, shiny film, good mechanical function, rigidity, high hardness and patience, durable, resistant to conflict, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to chemical medicine character, oil resistance, air tightness and fragrant outstanding, is one of the permeability resistance of composite film base material. But the polyester film price is higher, the thickness is 12 mm, usually used for cooking the outer layer of the packaging materials, printing is better. Nylon film ( PA) Nylon film is a kind of very tough film, good clarity, and have outstanding gloss, high tensile strength, tensile strength, but also has good heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance and organic solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, durable sex good, soft and contrast, oxygen resistance good, but for the water vapor of the poorly insulated, moisture absorption and moisture permeability is bigger, poor heat sealing property, suitable for packing hard objects, such as fatty foods, meat, Fried food, vacuum packaging of food, cooking food, etc. Cast polypropylene film ( CPP) Cast polypropylene film producer of polypropylene film is stretch film technology, and can be divided into two, CPP and cooking CPP often excellent bright degree, uniform thickness, and the function of the lateral uniform, usually used for composite membrane lining material. Usually the thickness of the CPP film usually between 25 and 50 microns, and after the OPP composite bright degree, appearance, feel is hard, gift packaging usually choose this kind of information. The film also has excellent heat sealing. Cooking class CPP film thickness is usually between 60 to 80 microns, high-temperature cooking can do 121 ℃, 30 min, oil resistance, good air tightness and heat sealing strength is high, usually meat packaging inner cooking level was used for the CPP film. Aluminum plating film

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