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Plastic products export amount drop to expand again

by:SYJ     2020-10-24

China plastics industry in after a long struggle and the development of the global category has formed a relatively complete industrial system, become the basis of keep pace with the steel, cement, wood material industries, and keep the speed of rapid development, but in 2016 the global economic downturn, the international market demand, causing pressure in our plastic products export.

according to data show that as of November, plastic products exports totaled 319 in our country. 7. 8 billion dollars, fell 6 export amount. November shipments 1%, 32. 7. 8 billion dollars. In recent years, China's plastic products export frustrated, strictly control each country for imported products, have improved the standard. And domestic quality standards in line with international standards control is not difficult, most difficult products through the foreign environmental protection instruction tests are all returned, severe losses. Reduce trade directly with Japan, the European Union and other countries, for our plastic products enterprises, strengthen product raw material quality control as soon as possible, promote the product technology, process improvement and innovation is imminent.

in the future, the plastic products industry through innovative thinking, innovative product design process and key technology innovation to achieve industrial innovation and development, with a low energy, low resource consumption and environmental burden way to improve the quality of output and increase efficiency, to achieve industrial upgrading, and realize the sustainable development of the plastic products industry, for plastic products export to lay the good foundation.

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