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Polyimide film

by:SYJ     2020-11-03
A, polyimide film product overview: scope of application: the polyimide film is using 'salivate method' production, insulation material which has high temperature resistant, radiation resistant and good dielectric properties. Suitable for class H motor, electrical insulation and other USES electrical insulating materials. Second, the polyimide film product features: 1, the polyimide film should roll on the tube core roll supply, each roll packed in plastic bags, good sealing, placed in a dry, clean inside. 2, each box packaging should indicate the type, product name, specification, batch number, net weight, insulation materials, net weight, manufacturing date, name, and attached product inspection certificate. At the same time on the packaging body marked with the words 'moistureproof' 'strike'. 3, polyimide film should be stored dry and clean room, starting from the date of delivery, storage period for two years, more than storage period according to the standard inspection, qualified can be used. Three, polyimide film technical requirements: 1, appearance: the surface of the polyimide film smooth level off, there should be no fold, tearing, insulating material particles, bubbles, and foreign material defects, such as edge neatly without damage. Film roll supply. 2, size, thickness and allowable deviation: recommended thickness also can supply according to user requirements. Standard thickness of 40 microns 25 microns 50 microns 75 microns 100 microns allowable deviation + 4 u m + 6 u m + 7 8 mu mu m + m + 10 microns 3μm - 5μm - 6μm - 6μm - 7 microns

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