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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) preparation

by:SYJ     2020-10-16

polyvinyl chloride can be made from ethylene, chlorine and catalyst by the substitution reaction. Due to its fireproof heat effect, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are widely used in all walks of life all kinds of products: fiber wire skin, skin, shoes, handbags, bags, decorations, signs and billboards, architectural decoration supplies, furniture, hang act the role ofing, roller, pipes, toys ( Such as the famous Italian 'Rody' jump the vaulting horse) , door, door, auxiliary medical supplies, gloves, some food tin foil, and fashion, etc.

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is by vinyl chloride monomer ( VCM) Polymerization. Because the molecules of 57% quality is chlorine. It compared with other plastic, less consumption of oil in the same quality, however, because the plastic relative density is larger, and in the process of generating chloride also USES other energy, makes it lost superiority in many application fields.

a few more PVC production process is suspension polymerization production process. To add pure water, dispersants, liquefaction of VCM monomer into the reaction kettle, and then join the initiator and other additives, heating up to a certain temperature after the VCM monomer free radical polymerization reaction generated PVC particles. Continuous stirring particles granularity, and make the generated particles suspended in the water. PVC

a suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization and bulk polymerization, with suspension polymerization is given priority to, accounts for about 80% of the total PVC production. In addition, there are from the suspension production of PVC paste resin, product performance and paste are good.

(1) suspension polymerization to assume monomer droplets suspended in the water phase, selection of oil-soluble initiator is dissolved in monomer, polymerization reaction in these droplets, polymerization reaction heat is absorbed by water in time, in order to ensure that these droplets bead dispersed in the water, need to join the suspension stabilizer, such as gelatin, polyvinyl alcohol, methyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose, etc. Initiator with organic peroxide and azo compound, such as peroxide of isopropyl carbonate, peroxide on carbonate ester, peroxide carbonic acid diethyl ester and azo two different heptyl nitrile, azodiisobutyronitrile, etc. Polymerization was conducted in the polymerization kettle with a stirrer. After polymerization, the material flows into monomer or stripper recycling monomer recovery tank. And then into the mixing kettle, water washing and centrifuge dehydration, drying for a quick resin products. Vinyl chloride monomer should as far as possible from resin in addition. For food packaging PVC, free monomer content should be controlled below 1 PPM. Aggregation in order to ensure the required range of resin molecular weight and molecular weight distribution and prevent implosion, polymerization process must be good control of the temperature and pressure. Resin particle size and particle size distribution by the stirring speed and the selection and dosage of suspension stabilizer control. The quality of the resin with particle size and particle size distribution, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, apparent density, porosity, fisheye, thermal stability, colour and lustre, impurity content and performance such as powder free liquidity to characterization. Aggregate the

polyvinyl chloride, PVC) Waterproofing materials

should kettle is the major equipment, made of the steel lined with stainless steel or enamel kettle body, equipped with a stirrer and control the temperature of the heat transfer jacket, or cold inside the tube, reflux condenser, etc. In order to reduce the production cost, the volume of the reaction kettle has a few cubic meters, 10 cubic meters gradually to the large-scale development, has reached 200 m ( See the tank reactor) 。 By repeated after use to descaling polymerizer. With polyvinyl alcohol and cellulose ethers as the suspension stabilizer of PVC were generally loose, porosity, large surface area, easy to absorb plasticizer and plasticizing.

(2) emulsion polymerization as early as a method of industrial production of PVC. In the emulsion polymerization, in addition to water and vinyl chloride monomer, even as the alkyl sulfonate surfactant as emulsifier, monomer disperse in water phase and into latex, water soluble potassium persulfate and ammonium persulfate as initiator, can also use 'oxidation - Reduction 'initiator system, polymerization process and different suspension method. Also have joined the polyvinyl alcohol for emulsifying stabilizer, dodecyl mercaptan as a regulator, sodium bicarbonate buffer. Polymerization method is intermittent, semi-continuous and continuous process. Product for emulsion, emulsion particle size zero. 05 ~ 2 microns, could be used directly or via spray drying into powdered resin. Emulsion polymerization of polymerization cycle short, easily controlled, the resin of high molecular weight and degree of polymerization is relatively uniform, apply to PVC paste, artificial leather or impregnated products. Method of emulsion polymerization complex formula, the product impurity content is higher.

(3) its polymerization polymerization device is more special, mainly composed of vertical horizontal in the process of the polymerization kettle and belt box stirrer polymerizer form ( FIG. 2) 。 Aggregation is divided into two sections, Figure 3) 。 Monomer and initiator on the first performed in the polymerization kettle (1 h, generated seed particles, the conversion rate of 8% ~ 10%, and then into the second period of polymerizer, adding the same amount of monomer and prepolymer, continue to aggregation. Residual monomer conversion rate was 85% ~ 90%, discharge, then through crushing, sieving for a quick finished products. Grain size and grain shape of the resin by stirring speed control, the reflux condensation heat of reaction by the monomer. This method simple production process, good product quality, production cost is low.

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