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Process manipulation of pet protective film packaging

by:SYJ     2021-07-16

After each product is produced and completed, some external packaging is required to prevent the product from being impacted by some external forces, which will cause some wear and tear and cause losses.

After die-cutting, the pet protective film is generally formed into a disc shape, and is first cut into slices when packaging, and each 500 slices are packaged as a group. When packaging, first wrap the protective film with stretch film, and then put it in a plastic bag. The key thing to pay attention to when packaging is cleanliness, so operators are required to wear finger guards and make them manually. For example, there is a protective film product that must be hand-made to stick the doorknob in the middle and later stages, and the operator is required to stick the doorknob on the precise part of the protective film's rubber surface (ie inside), and to ensure that the product cannot be stained or dirty. All requirements for the above processing technology are carried out in a clean workshop.

The pet protective film looks simple, and the production process is not complicated, but the regulations at each stage are more stringent. In general, we must pay attention to cleanliness at all times and prevent bending and scratching of the protective film. It is the key points mentioned bit by bit, which determine the level of the product.

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