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Pu protective film product summary

by:SYJ     2021-07-16

A high-temperature protective film that uses environmentally friendly PET as the base material and is coated with PU glue to make it have low adhesion and long-term bonding without degumming after being removed.

Product features: high light transmittance, high weather resistance, low adhesion and easy to tear, no glue residue, high temperature resistance

Product features: high cleanliness, strict control of foreign matter; The sticker has excellent adhesion performance; after pasting, it peels off without residual glue, and the product has a transparency of 90%; optical grade PET material has good light transmittance.

The antistatic PU protective film on the film surface is for the antistatic function of die-cutting processing and lamination, which can prevent and avoid the dirt of the die-cutting processing and the environment; while the rubber surface is protected by antistatic PU The film is to avoid the static electricity generated by the friction from tearing off the protective film.

PET is the base polyurethane glue system combined optical protective film product. Its reusable and good airtightness can be used to protect various optical parts: compared with the previous protective film , Low pollution, especially suitable for the processing of ITO glass for touch screens. The performance is better than ordinary silica gel protective film, which can solve the problem of white fog and local degumming of ordinary silica gel protective film.

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