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PVC production process and cost analysis

by:SYJ     2020-10-22

there are two main types of PVC production preparation process, it is calcium carbide method, calcium carbide is the main raw material, coal and crude salt; Second, ethylene method, the main raw material is oil. PVC production in the international market mainly ethylene method, and the domestic rich coal and less gas, inferior resources endowment restrictions, mainly by calcium carbide method primarily, as of December 2007, accounts for about our PVC by calcium carbide method can be more than 70% of the total.

it is important to note that in PVC prepared calcium carbide method, after the crude salt electrolytic hydrogen chloride used in the production of PVC, the rest of the parts used in the production of caustic soda, sodium, chlorine, alkali, actually there is a symbiotic relationship, alkali balance is also an important factor in the development of the industry had to consider. Cost analysis from the perspective of the cost of production process in two different economic development cycle, the cost difference is bigger. Usually, in the international macro economy high speed development stage, due to high oil prices, method of ethylene production cost is higher, cost advantage by calcium carbide method; Once international economy into a recession, oil prices will be low, calcium carbide method due to the high energy consumption, such as coal and oil prices have support, cost advantage. Since 2003, international oil prices rise sharply, the PVC vinyl method cost increase, while the production by calcium carbide method is affected by this small, leading to domestic PVC production by calcium carbide method device for the construction of a new round of upsurge, the rapid enlargement of PVC production by calcium carbide method, PVC production has formed great challenge to ethylene method, ethylene method many companies on the verge of loss. But as in May 2013 after crude oil prices continue to cut, ethylene method cost advantage is obvious, manufacturer small profit run by calcium carbide method, or even worse

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