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PVC sheet and thermoforming products performance is good

by:SYJ     2020-10-21

PVC sheet comprehensive performance is good, price are relatively cheap, and thermoforming performance is outstanding, is one of various kinds of plastic thermoforming properties good varieties. Which rigid PVC sheet is a kind of excellent packaging materials, transparency, good gloss, impact strength, hardness and rigidity is appropriate, heat resistance, cold-resistant, weatherability is appropriate, forming good processability and can be continuous forming, printing performance is good, chromatic performance is good, good chemical stability, blocking performance is good, non-toxic, tasteless, has resistance to the mold, bacteria, cheaper prices.

PVC thermoforming products, due to the raw material formula of variability is bigger, its performance can be adjusted by changing the formula within a certain range, to adapt to the food, medicine, daily products as well as many chemical products such as the need of commodity packaging and its variety of USES. Especially PVC blister packaging container, such as cups, plate, plate, box, etc. , has a series of good performance, such as transparency, health resistance, oil resistance, barrier properties, the necessary heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, etc.

at present in the field of packaging, rigid PVC sheet have become important packaging materials, packaging for textile products such as clothing, can choose 0. 5 to 0. 8 mm transparent packaging made convex rigid PVC sheet cover type, with excellent moistureproof, mouldproof, The packing for small articles of daily use, daily groceries, we adopt finalize the bottom box packaging; Used in food packaging, generally choose 0. 1 to 0. 3 mm thick transparent sheets, packaging containing juice cook fish, meat, eggs, butter, tomato sauce, pickled vegetables and candy, biscuit, etc. , the PET sheet for its security, environmental protection, non-toxic characteristics is gradually replace PVC sheet. At the same time, the PVC sheet can also be used for chemical and pharmaceutical packaging, precision instruments and industrial materials, packing and so on.

all in all, the current from colored transparent to the colorless transparent pills to non-toxic transparent sheets, varieties, its application is extensive. Therefore, the development and production of rigid PVC sheet, PET sheet and thermoforming products promising.

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