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Selecting a suitable pet protective film should be considered from several perspectives

by:SYJ     2021-07-20

Pet protective film is a kind of high-strength plastic soft film, with smooth surface, high lightness and permeability, and low temperature hazard. And have a certain degree of heat-resistant and moisture-resistant protective film raw materials.

The selection of a suitable pet protective film during the whole process of production, processing, and delivery of goods must be considered from several perspectives. What are the key points to consider? The following star protective film manufacturer net editor and everyone discuss some elements that need to be considered in selecting a suitable protective film: 1) Check the condition of the surface plate: plate types: metal materials/plastics; surface conditions such as (surface rough Degree, specificity, etc.): Tablet PC or embossed surface

2) Protective film application conditions: whether the application method is fully automatic or manual service glass film; application scenarios;

3) Production and processing conditions: mechanical processing and manufacturing methods and conditions; organic chemical production and processing methods and conditions;

4) Storage conditions: whether stored in the room or outdoors; storage cycle time; temperature/ Standard air pressure conditions

5) Peeling conditions: peeling rate and viewing angle; peeling natural environment; a large amount of sizing, surface coating, organic chemical solution or other solutions after tearing the film.

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