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Several factors affecting the quality of PET from type membrane

by:SYJ     2020-10-24

PET from the type of film is adhesive, electronics, die-cutting, printing and other industries a common material; Every year China has large market demand. But domestic PET from type membrane because of silicon substrate and coating technology, high-end products still rely on imports. Affecting the quality of PET from type membrane mainly has the following factors:

a, base material: PET from type membrane is the silicone mold release agent coated on the surface of PET film roll and substrate directly influences the quality of its service performance. Domestic PET film roll base material in thickness control and lags behind foreign thermal contraction.

2, residual adhesive rate: residual adhesive rate, refers to the mold of paper after the first stripping, second stripping force, after calculating the data, the main reflection of silicone oil curing effect.

three, stripping force: the size of the stripping force of a direct impact on the performance of PET from type membrane, general industry standard stripping force tolerance range is + / - 15%. Our company is engaged in the PET film roll industry for many years, all kinds of PET materials have rich experience and professional technology controls, can be a very good control mold stripping force stability of the membrane.

4, processing environment: with a variety of products increasingly progress, quality and technical improvements, for PET from type membrane cleanliness requirements more and more strict, especially electronic film industry. Our company all products are in level dustless workshop production, article points; Quality leading peer.

of course, the actual production of the influencing factors on the quality of the PET from type membrane, there are many different companies of different industries different process for the use of all kinds of thin film has different requirements. Our company is committed to the improvement of product quality, promotion and application. We will be adhering to the 'high-quality products to meet customer, to the credibility of sincere customer service' principle, wholeheartedly by the exquisite technology, fine quality, sincere service, with customers hand in hand, create brilliance!

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