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Some reasons for the residual glue degumming of the silicone protective film

by:SYJ     2021-07-18

Some reasons for the residual glue degumming of the silicone protective film


(1): Silicone has great weather resistance, and its chemical resistance is also better among pressure-sensitive adhesives. Strong acid and alkali environments (including aqueous solutions and high-concentration steam environments) will cause severe deformation.

(2): Silica gel will accelerate its aging when exposed to strong ultraviolet rays (ultraviolet lamp, sunlight) for a long time, and degumming will occur in 1-3 months.

(3): Long-term high temperature and high humidity (for example, double 85 simulated environment) cannot exceed 72 hours.

Glue residue:

(1): The glass to be pasted is processed by mechanical frosting, which is more likely to produce glue residue.

(2): The material is stored for a long time in a high-temperature exposure environment

(3): The heat resistance of the polyester film cannot meet the production regulations, resulting in serious stretching or It is shrinkage deformation

(4): Poor drying of the ink printed on the glass will also cause the material to dissolve

(5): The ink drying temperature must not exceed the limit of the polyester film Point temperature

(6): It is recommended to use primer if the peeling force of the protective film exceeds 100g or more, which can effectively prevent degumming and residual glue.

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