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Special PET polyester film

by:SYJ     2020-10-24

special PET polyester film is widely used in liquid crystal display (LCD), solar energy, electronics, car sticker, etc. Due to high demand for these special PET polyester film technology, basic no domestic production capacity, the monopoly by foreign enterprises of a few. China needs to import from abroad every year about 300000 tons of special PET polyester film, the average price of 70000 yuan/tons.

is since 2005, represented by LCD flat-panel display equipment is growing rapidly, the average annual growth of over 100%. And optical PET film and LCD products indispensable raw and auxiliary materials. Optical grade PET PET protective film, PET mold in the film, PET proliferation of reflective film, PET film roll and PET lighten the membrane, etc. Products are widely used in electronics, film, adhesive and other industries, products with high added value and market potential is tremendous. Among them, the PET reflective film is mainly used in flat panel display and LED lighting market, is the key material of back light, belong to national key support of the eight high-tech fields project, also in 2012 the State Council promulgated the 'twelfth five-year' national strategic emerging industry development planning, key projects, also is our country the industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue in the key state encourages the development of products and technologies. Currently, only Japan toray and a handful of companies such as dupont teijin can produce.

our company ( ) In the PET film roll industry for many years. Have rich experience in professional technology and production and sales. Vast supply of goods, all the year round to maintain sufficient inventory, complete varieties of PET film. The PET from type membrane, PET reflective film, solvent-free ultralight PET from type membrane and so on product quality are the leading domestic level. Long-term cooperation with many domestic electronics, adhesive enterprises, the company is committed to the improvement of product quality, promotion and application.

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