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The advantage and development prospect of plastic heat shrinkable packaging

by:SYJ     2020-10-30

if let's go to the supermarket or stores, will find that almost a year or two, shorten packing is hurtling to occupy the market, whether professional or food professional, beverage, cosmetic medicine profession, heat shorten hasten to be applied in a variety of goods. For this kind of store image, this newspaper interview query the beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beer and so on several big career nearly 20 well-known companies, after query we found, hot reduced packaging skills are necessarily { TodayHot} The biggest reason mainly is: drop in capital, promote the sale, you can add shelves display function. This article will from the hot to shorten several big advantage, talk about the career choose hot shorten because of it.

one, falling capital -- — Heat shorten packaging biggest advantage

at present, the vast majority of canned drinks and a big part of SuPing drinks are spread to shorten the packing methods, according to Beijing Coca-Cola beverage co. , LTD. , the relevant controller introduces, heat shorten packing is a kind of vision is very good, the current foreign already have thoroughly with hot shorten packaging instead of the carton maybe half tray such examples, but as a result of the current domestic market logistics environment also can not compare with the world market sophisticated logistics, therefore, heat shorten the skill level in the domestic market in the world there are still some stop, estimates that in the future, 3 ~ 5 years follow packing skills to carry out and hot shorten membrane confined to progress, in a { HotTag} Standard packing, hot reduced packaging can completely replace the cartons may be hot reduced half tray box.

earlier domestic spread reduce packaging top, head of the new world group about the calculated pen details: after heat shorten instead of carton, capital can at least by 30%. This is hot to shorten attract beverage profession one of the most important reason. Of course, the current hot shorten maintenance functions of package is in transit carton is relatively less, but with the development of heat shorten data transformation, reduce heat application in beverage profession is a piece of light!

2, progress shelves display function, advance sale

shenzhen kingway beer co. , LTD. , as the tip of the beer profession produce production company, its means of commodity mostly chose heat shorten packaging gift box. The use of reason mainly has two points: 1. Make packing way diversification, helpful to the sales; 2. Heat shorten the different packing with appropriate standards of sensitivity, especially small commodity cluster standard packing. Small standard cluster beer packing has the very good sensitivity, and easier to carry, and therefore is increasingly get the cost of love. Followed the mall for a small cluster of beer standard packing need to add, heat shorten packaging will have larger development space.

and the colors of the current render heat shorten the film received a beer company attaches great importance to, and some beer company chose this film, promoted commodity level, promote the sale. Jin Longquan beer stock group co. , LTD. , hubei province thought about chief, color film heat shorten the packaging to get the best display effect will be selected, under this need with positioning system is suitable for the colorful shorten film heat shorten packing machine will become the beer career vision in one of the best packaging equipment.

3, heat shorten skills need to improve some

beverage company, shorten the equipment need to be more flexible, individualized

follow cost spending habits change, heat shorten standard, great changes have taken place, also from the 2 bottles of shortened, to 12, 24, therefore, beverage company needs can be satisfied with different standard shorten equipment, else, if can be in different standard heat shorten add handle on packaging to facilitate carrying cost, is the most desired beverage company. Flexible equipment, can provide personalized packing equipment is hot shorten skills development trend in the future. ( We will for this questions specifically please Italy SMI company is the representative of China in the back of the article: 'shorten the improvement and diversification trend of packaging. )

dairy companies: shorten equipment flexible improvement

dairy company in the endless market competition pressure, are trying to use various techniques to progress the competitiveness of the commodity and market share, sales promotion technique is one of the common. Such as change was 8 even cups of commodity packaging to 'buy eight send two' way of promotion, hot at the moment to shorten the packing machine will show out some disadvantages: most of the cut machine flexibility is not strong, not a good habit of dairy companies that need, the company can only choose the scene in the promotion will promote the product with tape wrapped in 8 cups on the packaging of goods, the serious influence to the beautiful degree of the commodity, down packaging quality. Therefore, heat shorten packaging machinery to have larger development space, it is necessary to quickly handle user expectations equipment has excellent sensitivity of this need!

after our query is not hard to find, the professional end-user companies to heat shorten packing equipment falling capital, promote the sale of these two aspects is high hopes, trust with heat to shorten the development of packaging skills mall will have more choose goods appear this kind of packing way, more sensitive and efficient heat shrink packaging skills will be the end user of heat shorten to one of the biggest packaging equipment back waiting for! 。

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