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The application areas of insulating PET sheet is introduced

by:SYJ     2020-10-25

common electrical insulation materials insulation materials are: 3240 epoxy board, epoxy rods, epoxy tubes, FR - 4 board, SMC plate, electricity boards, diphenyl ether, organic silicon, cold plate endurance, PC board, PC board, PC sunshine board, acrylic board, organic glass, PVC board, POM board, PP board, mica plate, insulation board, fast Palestinian paper, PB paper, red vulcanized paper, cable paper, crepe paper, telephone paper, composite paper, green shell paper, DMD/DM insulating paper, yellow wax tube, heat shrinkable sleeve, acrylate pipe, self-extinguishing, non-alkali belt, cloth belt, white cotton tape, R type poly clip yarn soft ester, without weft, yellow wax ribbon and F46 tape, polyester tape, PET polyester film, polyimide film, MC nylon board, PA6 nylon rods, insulating paint, solvent, water, and that day industry felted wool insulation materials and engineering plastics, etc.

it is widely used in textile, papermaking, food, machinery, transport, port, medical treatment, coal, chemical industry, etc. Bearings, guide food processing machine head, piston, screw roll of foods such as fixture, spare parts, precision machine bearings, electrical insulating materials.

the primary performance indicators: PET sheet

1. 39 g/cm3

heat resistance ( String) 115 ° C

heat resistance ( A short time) 160 ° C

line thermal expansion coefficient ( 23 - Average 100 ° C) 60 x10 - 6 m/( m。 k)

combustibility ( UL94) The water absorption of HB

( 23 ° C water soak for 24 hours) 6%

zigzag tensile stress is 90 mpa

breaking tensile strain 15%

3700 mpa tensile elastic modulus

- Normal strain of 1% / 2% contraction stress 26/51 mpa

pendulum notched impact experiment 2 kj/m2

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