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The application of PET coated tablet in the steel plate

by:SYJ     2020-10-27

it is in other PET coated piece simple attached a PET material layer of membrane material. PET film roll coating has applied in many fields, including applications in the field of metal is the latest popular project.

steel PET coated tablet, also known as coated iron is recognized as substitute for tinplate in packaging field. Tin in tins top although useful but open air contact with water and salt is easy to rust after produce harmful substances. And PET coated sheet used in the production of sheet metal coated iron material would not have this problem, and there will be no problem in subsequent applications. More valuable is, not only can reduce the problems, the production cost will be lower.

to PET coated sheet attached on the steel plate, using a high temperature and high pressure and fast cooling process, one of the most important is through the electromagnetic induction heating temperature above the melting point of PET resin coated tablet, two directions applying extrusion substrate and PET film roll coating to fit. Then the fast cooling through the cooling device.

PET film coating coated on steel production of coated iron can be used in food cans, tank cover, etc. Chemical materials such as chemical raw materials, paint cans container, etc. Other industries can also be used as a plank used as building materials, can be said to be the material with great market potential. At present the application of the coated iron is still in its infancy in China, but with the development of technology will certainly can have a good development.

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