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The application range of PET protective film is very wide

by:SYJ     2021-07-18

PET protective film is a relatively special material when used, and its products have very favorable potential in the market. During the processing, the performance is different due to different processes, so any industry must choose the product that suits its own The protective film.

The application range of PET protective film is very wide. This product is also widely used in the electronics industry and the door and window industry. It can be used for maintenance of doors and windows. This can extend the service life. Of course, on the basis of our use, we must pay attention to its maintenance method. If it is not cleaned in time, do not touch the strong alkaline solution, otherwise it will easily damage the ingredients on the product surface.

Because the PET protective film has a certain degree of light transmission effect, it should be noted during the purchase process that the better the light transmission effect of the product, the better the material quality of the processed product, but This kind of light transmission effect is not visible to the eyes, and it needs to be tested with professional equipment.

The degree of hardening of the surface of the PET protective film shows that when the surface of the product is cut, the higher the hardness, the more difficult it is to cut the surface of the product. I want to measure the adsorptivity of the product, the speed at which air is discharged through the product, the faster the product, the stronger the absorption energy.

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