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The characteristics and development of PET polyester film

by:SYJ     2020-11-02
Packaging materials for food production companies, more than 30 years we have been exploring alternative to glass bottles and tin cans packaging materials and containers, and polyester film is able to use the best materials. It has features of light weight, can lower shipping costs. But not every PET polyester film is suitable for food packaging. In the early 1970 s, acrylonitrile plastic containers take the lead in the market. The us food and drug administration (fda) but later ( FDA) Undo the recognition of the container materials used in food, that is, the main reasons for this kind of packing materials of certain chemicals too will migrate into the contents of packaging containers. Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) Plastic containers also because the environment question, and soon become not anticipated data. PET polyester film materials present gives food packaging carried out rapidly. The earliest use of PET bottle packing of cool and refreshing drinks company is the Coca-Cola company in the United States, they use a 1. 5 liters of polyester bottle instead of 1 liter glass bottles, retail sales rose 27%. After the PET container packaging of food and drink 'good catch' gradually became popular. PET containers light weight and strong robust to attract the customer, by the market expectations. PET data has a big advantage which is the ability to constitute any shape ( Good applicability) Is made from a together, will also be able to fit all the colour and lustre of hobby, ability of words and pictures printed.

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