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The characteristics of PET film of vacuum aluminum plating film

by:SYJ     2020-10-23

PET film vacuum aluminum plating film is a kind of vacuum steaming metallized film, it is in is in the high vacuum ( More than 10 mba) Conditions, with resistance, high frequency, or electron beam heating molten aluminium gasification, the adhered on the surface of the film base material to form a composite film of a process, on the plastic film or paper surface coated with a layer of thin aluminum becomes a aluminum plating film or aluminium coated paper.

applied to packaging PET film roll vacuum aluminum plating film has the following characteristics:

( 1) Compared with aluminum foil greatly reduced the amount of aluminum, save energy and materials, reduce the cost. Composite aluminum foil thickness of 7 ~ 9 um, the thickness of aluminum and aluminum plating film about ( 0. 04um) Left and right sides, the aluminum consumption is about 1/200 of the aluminum foil, and production speed can be as high as 700 m/min.

( 2) Excellent folding resistance and good toughness, rarely pinhole and split, no song cracking phenomenon, for gas, water vapor, odor, such as light barrier property of the improvement. - PET film

( 3) Excellent metallic luster, light reflectivity of 92%; And can form color film coating processing, its decorate effect is inferior to the aluminum foil.

( 4) Can undertake parts of aluminum plating, block or elution for any design or transparent window, can see the contents of the packaging. - PET film

( 5) Aluminized layer of conductive performance is good, can eliminate electrostatic effect, particularly for packing powder products, not pollution of the sealing parts, guarantees the packing sealing performance.

( 6) PET film roll for printing, composite, etc after processing has a good adaptability. As a result of above characteristic, make the aluminum plating thin film become a kind of excellent performance, economy and beautiful new composite membrane, has replaced the aluminum foil composite materials in many ways. Is mainly used to flavor food, daily necessities, agricultural products, medicine, cosmetic and cigarette packaging.

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