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The characteristics of PET from type membrane and purposes

by:SYJ     2020-10-27

single/double sided PET from type membrane because of their excellent high temperature resistant properties, is widely used in die cutting, composite adhesive products. Based on the material of product USES the PET film roll, in the single side or both sides evenly coated a very thin layer of mold release agent, PET from type membrane surface smooth smooth, uniform coating, no defects such as fold, particles and bubbles. Product physical performance is good, thickness tolerance is small, low thermal shrinkage. With high intensity, the stretching resistance, chemical inertness. PET from type membrane are commonly used to isolate the cohesive material, widely used in electronic, print consumables, reflective material, adhesive tape, adhesive waterproofing materials and other industries. Back rubber mold with silicon membrane mobility and after heating stripping force changes into the light strip type, type of stripping, heavy type stripping, and can control mold force according to the requirement. Heat resistant performance is good. The thickness of the product: 0. 019毫米,0。 025mm、0. 036mm、0. 05mm、0. 075mm、0. 1毫米,0。 125毫米,0。 175毫米,0。 188 mm mold force control, high gloss, high cleanliness, 92% residual adhesion, good surface properties. With the composite adhesive products from type membrane characteristics: 1) No transport phenomena. Eliminates the silicone mold membrane is transferred to the risk went up close to the material 2) PET from type membrane single side or double side coating weight per unit area of tolerance is very small. 3) Basal membrane has excellent mechanical strength and chemical properties. 4) In the longer term resistance to high temperature can reach 180 ° C, 10 minutes can reach 200 ° C.

5) Has a high stability under extreme weather conditions. 6) Very long shelf life.

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