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The characteristics of PET sheet

by:SYJ     2020-10-16

the characteristics of PET sheet

with the rapid development of society, the use of PET sheet is becoming more and more widely, PET sheet high toughness, high strength and good, and can be recycling use, won't produce gas lead to environmental pollution, gradually become the consumer a good choice, it also accords with the environmental standards in China, the PET sheet has the following several characteristics:

1, the display effect is good, has the good transparency and cleanliness

2 and good performance, surface decoration without surface treatment can be printed, artistic suppress easily, yi metal processing.

3, high hardness, high strength.

4, strong corrosion resistance.

5 no harm, no pollution, can be used for food packaging, medical, transportation and other industries, and can use the ray disinfection treatment on the packaging of goods.

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