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The characteristics of PET sheet

by:SYJ     2020-10-16

the characteristics of PET sheet

PET sheet is developing rapidly in recent years a new type of material with good toughness, high strength, high transparency, and can be recycled, won't produce pollution after combustion characteristics, by the broad masses of consumers and manufacturers. Because the PET sheet has the following characteristics:

1. High transparency and smooth finish, used to display board use effect is good.

2。 Surface decorative performance is high, not processed can be printed, decorative pattern and metal processing simple and easy to operate.

3。 High mechanical strength, blocking water vapor and oxygen chemical performance is superior to other materials, not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp and corrosion.

4。 Nonpoisonous and harmless, can be used in the food and drug packaging, and using fixed ray disinfection of packaging items.

with these excellent characteristics, mainly used in electronics, food, toys, color box, and other fields, in the burning of waste when a danger to the environment does not produce harmful substances, and thermal performance is good, the PET sheet is considered to meet the requirements of environment ideal material.

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