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The classification of PETG sheet plastic bottle

by:SYJ     2020-10-27

it is well known that the PETG sheet can be used as a food packaging bags, PET sheet plastic bottle is one of the common application. PET sheet is, in fact, polyethylene terephthalate oxalic ester, the particularity of the material makes it have special properties.

PETG sheet can be used for different liquid plastic bottles, depending on the content can be divided into different kinds.

PET sheet plastic bottles into the pressure and without pressure cylinders, pressure inside the bottle is filled with beverage containing gas, such as carbonated drinks, etc. While others do not contain gas liquid such as water, tea, oil pressure bottle is used to install.

PETG sheet plastic bottles of another kind of classification is a hot and cold bottles, PET sheet itself is the most high temperature resistant 80 degrees Celsius, and tea beverage packaging can be more than the temperature, the deformation of this kind of situation will make the bottle produce harmful substances, and this is not recommended to use plastic bottles of hot water. And PET sheet hot bottles in PET sheet increased on the basis of other materials, heat resistant greatly improved. And at the same time is the common cold bottle.

PETG sheet plastic bottle production generally have lift blow molding and injection stretch blow molding two, the first kind of better process control, production efficiency, product quality and the yield is higher.

the making craft of PETG sheet plastic bottles and PET sheet itself is complementary to each other, the quality of the superb memory and high quality materials to make use of PET plastic bottles.

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