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The commonly used plastic bottles are made of PET coil

by:SYJ     2020-10-23

PET coil is a common type of plastic, it is also a kind of PET sheet. The commonly used plastic bottles in our life is made of PET sheet? Then introduce you to life of common plastic material.

1, PET coil: bottles of common materials, often made of plastic bottles for mineral water and carbonated drinks, unavailability of more than 70 degrees high temperature heating, also do not recommend exposure in the sun, otherwise it will produce harmful substances.

2, HDPE material: the material of the bottle is generally not transparent, feel is smooth, commonly used in detergent, shampoo, oil, pesticide on these items, and used for these purposes bottle also generally don't recommend use cleaning circulation again, even for food.

3, PVC material: quality, heat resistance, at high temperatures can produce harmful substances so not can be used to direct holding food. Widely used production cost is low, water pipes, plastic bags are made of this material.

4, LDPE material: plastic wrap and plastic bag making raw materials, high temperature will produce harmful substances so don't use plastic wrap insurance bag to prevent hot food, don't be heated in a microwave.

5, PP material: PP material is one of the most important advantage is that can bear the high temperature of 167 degrees Celsius, can be put into the microwave, and can be reused after cleaning. Life a lot of fruit juice bottle, microwave boxes are made of this material.

6, PS material: used in the production of toys, stationery, disposable tableware also use this kind of material. Can't heating, nor can a acid, such as orange juice, etc.

plastic products in the life is very much, understand the characteristics of these materials will help us better use them. Now there's a lot of products are not high temperature heating, such as PET coil and so on, we need to be cautious, play the greater role of the materials.

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