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The development direction of PET film packaging industry in China

by:SYJ     2020-10-19

now everybody advocates the environmental protection, green product is a direction of enterprise development, now our country has a policy to protect the environment, especially for environmental requirements of the film makers are high, the present situation of PET film industry in the following several characteristics: new PET film roll packaging has more future development; New type of degradable plastic film attention; Foamed plastic film to zero pollution. At present, the main PET film roll packaging industry development in the direction of the following: 1, high barrier, multi-functional PET film roll technical level enhances unceasingly. Film packaging printing materials has become the domestic development of hot spots in recent years, with high resistance and permeability, multi-function printing film, aseptic packaging film and other development soon. As bag making, printing on a new level, has entered the color revolution era, promoted the RuanSu packaging products to more depth, higher level development. 2, fruits and vegetables preservation packaging film wide prospect of market. Our country is fruit and vegetable production and sales of big country in the world, however, about 30% of water loss in the process of storage, transportation, sales, including improper packing is one of the reasons for the loss of fruit rot. Although is not the same as the physical properties of different fruits, water loss, change color, and decay are common problems. Therefore, further study of the metabolic process of inhibition, reduce the consumption of nutrients, keep fruit flavor quality is an important topic of the fresh-keeping packaging. At present, polyethylene film, polypropylene film is fresh fruits and vegetables the most widely used packaging materials. 3, multi-layer co-extrusion technology development to change the products structure of functional thin film and the container. With environmental protection call for mounting, under the premise that meet the packaging function, try to reduce the discharge of waste. Co-extrusion transparent PET film, its craft equipment investment province, low production cost, strong adaptability, easy operation, no pollution of the environment problems. Therefore, co-extrusion technology developing rapidly in the world, as well as data showed that the developed countries co-extrusion packaging film accounted for about 40% of all RuanSu packaging film, but our country only around 6%, obviously both scale is not very reasonable. Co-extrusion packaging film will also change the development of multifunctional film product structure, it is suitable for drinks, milk, fresh meat and other food packaging.

irrespective of the plastic packaging, to meet the requirements of green packaging, reduce the waste pollution; Solvent solve environmental problems; Recycling problem. Conform to the requirements of environmental protection, pollution-free green packaging, will be more and more social attention. Therefore, we should vigorously develop green packaging, pays special attention to the packaging waste disposal and resource recycling work, realizing the sustainable development requirements.

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