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The development trend of PET raw materials

by:SYJ     2021-07-21

Because the PET material has the advantages of lighter weight, high compressive strength, good transparency and gas barrier, non-toxic, odorless and other advantages, it has obtained a rapid development trend. From the 1990s to the present, the production and application of raw materials for plastic packaging products seems to have sprung up, and then with the improvement of touch technology, PET raw materials are justified to be used on various LCD screens.

, With high-quality transparency and smoothness, the display effect is good.

Second, non-toxic and hygienic.

Three. The thermoforming performance is good, which is equivalent to ordinary PVC sheets. Vacuum forming can be used to make PET thermoformed products with excellent performance.

Fourth, the surface decoration performance is excellent, can be printed without surface treatment, easy to suppress patterns, easy to metallize (vacuum plating metal layer).

Fifth, use high-molecular material conductive polymer coating, low surface resistance, stable performance, and will not be harmed by environmental temperature and humidity.

Six. It has excellent mechanical strength.

Seven, good chemical resistance, can withstand the corrosion of a variety of chemical substances.

8. It has good adaptability to environmental protection and can be recycled and reused economically and conveniently. When the waste is incinerated, it will not cause harmful substances that harm the natural environment.

Nine. Good insulation performance against oxygen and water vapor

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