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The difference between the PET sheet and PC board

by:SYJ     2020-11-02

1, from the concept:

PC ( Polycarbonate) Plastic: is a colorless, transparent, bright and clean and beautiful. Due to the PC, non-toxic, no smell, to prevent ultraviolet radiation through performance and moisture protection performance is good, wide scope of heat-resistant, in - Not embrittlement under 180 ℃, 130 ℃ in the environment can be use for a long time, so it is a kind of ideal food packaging materials.

PET: a good crystalline, colorless, transparent, a tough material. Have the appearance of the glass, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic, flammable, burning blue on the edge of the yellow flame, good air tightness.

2, look from the features and use:

PC: have a good impact resistance, easy forming characteristics, can be made into bottles, cans and various forms of containers, used for packing beverage, wine, milk and other fluid materials. PC defects is to produce stress cracking. High purity raw materials, production, in addition to strictly control the various processing conditions, with small internal stress of resin modified, such as a small amount of polyolefin, nylon, polyester melt blending, can significantly improve the stress cracking resistance, water resistance.

the PET, small expansion coefficient, molding shrinkage rate is low, only 0. One over ten of 2%, the polyolefin, PVC and nylon is small, so the size stability of the products. Mechanical strength is high quality, similar to aluminum, the degree of expansion for polyethylene film strength nine times, 3 times of polycarbonate and nylon, the impact strength 3 ~ 5 times that of general thin film. And the film performance and moistureproof and ointment. Although polyester has these advantages, but its film price is more expensive, heat sealing is difficult, easy with static electricity, so used alone, are mostly made with preferable resin coated common heat sealing compound thin film.

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