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The difference between various mobile phone screen protectors

by:SYJ     2021-07-16

Since Apple released the first iphone in 2007, the mobile phone industry has entered the era of touch screens. With the development of the mobile phone industry, mobile phone screens have become larger and larger. How to protect the fragile mobile phone screen has become a problem for every user. When there is demand, there is market. Soon there will be many types of mobile phone screen protectors on the market. Ordinary users may not know the difference between these screen protectors. The next section will introduce the difference between various mobile phone screen protectors so that users can choose to buy.

Tempered glass film: This kind of mobile phone protective film has uneven quality, good quality, high light transmittance and good experience.

pet functional protective film: poor screen protection when the phone falls, and low cost

TPU nano explosion-proof film: excellent screen protection performance, less experience than tempered glass film.

In the realization of the basic functions of mobile phone screen protection, manufacturers have also developed more functions to attract consumers to buy. Such as anti-peep, anti-blue light, naked eye 3D, etc. With various subdivision functional protective films, consumers have more choices when buying.

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